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Hello! I'm Xinru :)

Welcome to my website!

I'm a computer science and music student at Brown University.

I love art, startups, and learning new things of any and all types. See some of my adventures below!

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My Projects!

MusicExample BACHPropagation


Python + Tensorflow

Fall 2020

As the final project for my Deep Learning class, I worked with 3 friends to build an LSTM model that generates music trained on the Bach corpus. We iterated a lot to learn how to manipulate and train the data. I designed an algorithm that normalizes the tempo and keys of all our songs, making our data simpler to train, which increased our accuracy by over 20%! The outputs of our model was able to follow an ABA format, stay mostly in key, and even have dominant + tonic sections!

Listen to an example! (the second one sounds suspiciously like the Mii song) Look at the Code!
Teaching Buddies Teaching Buddies

Teaching Buddies

Nonprofit Founder

Summer 2020 - Present

Having gone through the Chicago Public School system and attended 5 schools in 5 years with a learning disability, educational equity is something very close to my heart. I founded Teaching Buddies after re-connecting with my third grade teacher and learning about her challenges in teaching through Zoom in an underserved school district. I then talked to other teachers, administrators, and parents, and realized the need to provide education centered around critical thinking to these students. Initially, I brought together friends to teach majority BIPOC/low-income students in the CPS school system over the summer. With very high demand from our parents, I then built our leadership team of 9, recruited and trained 100+ volunteers to give 600+ hours of direct service. Spring apps are opening soon!

Our Website! (we're still taking students!)
Adobe X Netflix AdobeXD + Netflix UI/UX Design Challenge

AdobeXD + Netflix


Summer 2020

This is the third Adobe Creative Jam challenge I participated in, and the final one over the spring/summer of 2020. I joined a friend to design a desktop app that can help friends stay connected virtually through Netflix on AdobeXD. We didn't have as much time to work on this project, so it was a fun excercise in creating a user-friendly MVP in a short amount of time, with a huge focus on simple design and user experience.

Play with our prototype!
Brown RISD Innovation Community BRIC - Co-Founder, Marketing + Design

Brown RISD Innovation Community

Co-Founder, Marketing + Design

Spring 2020 - Present

I co-founded this club with two friends out of a desire to create an intersectional innovation community between Brown and RISD. We reached out to hundreds of students, profesionals, and professors to fully develop our value proposition. We built a founding team of 12 people across 8 time zones to flesh out our club over the summer. I lead our marketing & design team to generate our brand story, manage advertising across 3 channels, build a virtual community, and we grew our audience to 450+ in our first week!

Visit our website! (and subscribe to our newsletter when you scroll down!)
Adobe X AirBnb AdobeXD + Airbnb UI/UX Design Challenge

AdobeXD + AirBnb


Spring 2020

This is the second Adobe Creative Jam challenge I participated in (after the Nickelodeon challenge). I joined two friends to prototype an iPhone app for AirBnb for the post-COVID19 world. We created the app Scrapbooking, with a much higher focus on user experience and design. We learned a lot from the Nickelodeon challenge and created a much more sophisticated prototype, becoming the top 25% of participants!

Play with our prototype!
Adobe X Nickelodeon AdobeXD + Nickelodeon UI/UX Design Challenge

AdobeXD + Nickelodeon


Spring 2020

I joined two friends to learn AdobeXD and prototype an iPad app aimed at helping kids feel connected and safe during the COVID19 pandemic. Our app is called Communify. I learnd a lot about UI/UX design, and how to use AdobeXD!

Play with our prototype!
Brown University Orchestra Brown University Orchestra - Publicity Manager

Brown University Orchestra

Publicity Manager

Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

In 9 months, I was able to increase our Facebook and Instagram following by ~700 (110%), and total post reach by 460%! Through this opportunity, I got to try a lot of different things, such as using a DSLR camera and professionally editing photos, Facebook/Instagram Analytics, and creating/leading our 9 person social media team to make over 60 posts! I also got to initiatate fun programs such as the Orchestra Petting Zoo and Orchestra Families.

BUO Facebook
BUO Instagram
Candide Candide - Producer and Orchestral Music Director


Producer and Orchestral Music Director

Spring 2020

I had the opportunity to produce Leonard Bernstein's Candide with over 40 students through Brown Opera Productions. Candide is one of my favorite operas of all time, so I had the opporutnity to see the entire production through, from forming a team (twice), to creating the budget, to learning about copyright, to trying my best to teach the incredibly difficult music as conductor, to finally managing the chaos that ensued due to COVID-19.

Brown Opera Productions
WE@Brown WE@Brown 2020 - Lead Coordinator

WE@Brown 2020 Conference

Lead Coordinator

Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

Led the Women Empowerment Team at Brown Entrepreneurship Program to plan our spring conference celebrating and empowering women in entrepreneurship. Together, we recruited over 20 speakers, recorded over 300 registered attendees, and raised around $10,000 of in kind sponsorships from partners such as Canva, Hint, and the Flex Company. I learned a lot about leadership, event planning/crisis management, and women in entrepreneurship!

Event Website
Conference Recap
metaphysical short film Short Detective Film - Creator

Short Detective Film


Spring 2020

This is a short film I made on Adobe Premiere and Adobe XD as the final project for my Global Detective Fiction Class. It's a metaphysical detective film filmed as though the viewer is seeing the "narrator's" computer screen. I prototyped everything on Adobe XD (over 100 artboards...) or the inspect tool and learned a surprising amount of UI/UX design practices.

Message me to see it!

ragtime Ragtime - Orchestral Music Director


Orchestral Music Director

Fall 2019

I conducted a pit orchestra for a production of the award winning musical Ragtime with the student production group Musical Forum at Brown University. It was my first time conducting a production of this scale and I truly learned a lot!

learn more!
Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Kennedy Center - Performance Predicting Tool

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Data and Analysis Intern

Summer 2020

During my internship with John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts this summer, I had the opportunity to create a performance attendance predicting tool on SSRS and Tableau to reduce Playbill printing waste. It was really challenging, but fun, to learn SQL, Tableau, and how predictive analysis works from scratch, but I got a lot of support from my team. My tool has the potential to save $20,000 of paper annually!

Kennedy Center Website
Rhythm Practice Hack@Brown Participant

Rhythm Practice

Hack@Brown Participant

Spring 2019

I designed the musical algorithm and UI/UX layout for this iOS app I developed with a team of 4 during Hack@Brown 2019. My team won the First Time Hacker Award out of 500 students!

Hack@Brown 2019
Othello Othello



Fall 2018

I coded the game Othello in Java as the final project to CSCI0150: Object-Oriented Programming. My Othello uses the Mini-max algorithm to have artifical intelligence players with different levels of intelligence.

Tetris Tetris



Fall 2018

I coded the game Tetris in Java as part of CSCI0150: Object-Oriented Programming. It was the first big project I coded and I learned about seeing a long project through from beginning to end.

Traditional Art Portfolio Traditional Art Portfolio

Traditional Art

In my free time, I enjoy sketching and painting! Like my interests, my art tends to be pretty wide ranging. Here are some samples of art I made in traditional mediums.

My Portfolio!
Digital Art Portfolio Digital Art Portfolio

Digital Art Portfolio

More recently, I'm using technology to help with my art. I have some knowledge of Photoshop, Procreate, Illustrator, Aftereffects, InDesign and Premiere. This comes very useful when I need last minute designs, so this portfolio also contains things I designed!

My Portfolio!
this website This Website

This Website


Summer 2020 - Present

I'm finally fulfilling my longtime goal of creating a website from scratch! I prototyped this website on AdobeXD and learned HTML/CSS/JavaScript along the way. There's probably a lot of bugs and I'm planning on adding lots of more fun functionalities, so stay tuned! Also, the v in my web address stands for violas. I don't actually have a middle name.

Look at the code :o